Cisco Free Data Analytics Course

Cisco Free Data Analytics Course

This data analytics essentials course teaches you the fundamental tools of a data analyst. You will learn to transform, organize, and visualize data with spreadsheet tools such as Excel. You will also learn how to query data from a relational database using SQL and how to improve your data presentations using powerful business intelligence tools like Tableau. By the end of the course, you will have an analytics portfolio complete with an analysis of the popular movies dataset, showcasing your skills in Excel, SQL and Tableau.

Here’s what you will learn.
Module 1: Data Analytics Projects
Module 2: Getting started with Data Gathering and Investigation
Module 3: Preparing and Cleaning Data for Analysis
Module 4: Transforming Data with Excel
Module 5: Analyze the Data Using Statistics
Module 6: Introduction to Relational Databases and SQL
Module 7: Introduction to Structured Queries
Module 8: Introduction to Tableau
Module 9: Ethics and Bias in Data
Module 10: Take the Next Steps
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