PayPal interview-experience SDE 1-Bangalore April 2023

Technical Round – 1


  • Question 1: Find the start and end index of maximum subaray in a given array. (Modification version of Kadane’s algorithm)
  • Question 2: Given a stream of elements find the kth maximum at every postion, the array length is infinite since it is stream. ( Similar to this problem but we need to find at each position. (Hint: Min Heap)


Interview went pretty well solved both question, Interviewer also helped with some hints.


Technical Round – 2
I was expecting a coding round, but it’s completly different.


  • A coding question was asked, but interviewer told just tell me the approach no need of solution.
  • Started with Interface and Abstraction.
  • Asked indepth about design patterns in java.
  • Told to implement Singleton and Factory method.
  • Questions about observor pattern.
  • DBMS advanced level questions.
  • Given a table of data and told to achieve 1NF, 2NF, 3NF & 3.5NF with explanation.
  • Given a problem statement and told design a databsed with table, column type and reference keys.


Hiring Manager Round – 1


  • He asked what I did in my current company what was my role.
  • Told to explain some concepts based on my answer.
  • Asked some questions form my resume.
  • Advanced Java and Database Questions.


This round didn’t went quite well, and the manager was not satisfacted with my answer. So the HR arranged another hiring manager since I did well in past 2 technical rounds.


Hiring Manager Round – 2


  • The manager was pretty impressed by resume.
  • He started with basic questions from OOPS.
  • Then he jumped to advacned concepts like immutability
  • Memory Management.
  • Threads & Concuurency.
  • Queues & Zookeper
  • Sql n NoSql