interview experience at JP Morgan-2023

Round 1 (Basic JS Round):

🤝 Started with introductions and discussed my work experience.
💻 Technical questions covered Promises, asynchronous behavior, and generator functions.
🔍 Asked to write a polyfill for the reduce function (already practiced!).
🖇️ Question on object manipulation (specific details not recalled).
💬 In-depth discussions and arguments on pure functions and currying concepts.

After completing the first round, I was given a half-hour break and asked to rejoin the same link for the next round.

Round 2 (Security and React):

🔒 Focus on web security, including knowledge about attacks and defense mechanisms.
🛡️ Questioned about web security fundamentals, such as common attacks like XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) and ransomware.
💡 Discussed the security principles followed in my organization and the security considerations while coding on the frontend.
⚛️ Explored React’s lifecycle methods and their significance in maintaining secure web applications.
📚 Asked about component design considerations, such as minimizing security vulnerabilities and ensuring data privacy.

✍️ Requested to write a generic memoization function to test problem-solving skills.


Managerial Interview and HR Wrap-Up:

💼 Interviewed by the manager who explained the project and asked about a feature I was proud of.
📊 Provided a detailed explanation and even drew a flow chart to illustrate the feature’s flow.
💬 Discussion about conflict resolution within a team and handling team dynamics.
🤝 HR informed me that wil let u know 😂

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