LimeChat Hiring Multiplt Internships

Frontend Engineering Intern  Click Here


  • Date – Starting Dec 2023 or early Jan 2024
  • Stipend – 50K per month
  • Duration – 6 months
  • Location – Bangalore Office Preferred
  • PPO is based on the performance during the internship period


  • Develop new user-facing features using React.js and ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs.
  • Build reusable components and front-end libraries for future use.
  • Optimize components for maximum performance across a vast array of web-capable devices and browsers.
  • Maintain and improve the company’s WhatsApp commerce platform.
  • Collaborate with back-end developers and web designers to improve usability.
  • Write functional requirement documents and guides.
  • Create quality mockups and prototypes.
  • Assist in the integration of various data sources and databases into one system.
  • Ensure high-quality graphic standards and brand consistency.
  • Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies.


Backend Software Engineering Intern  — Click Here


  • Build innovative projects using frameworks like Fastify, Express, Django and more (don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with some of these; we’ve got you covered!)
  • Tackle some of the most challenging optimization problems as we deal with immense system stress daily.
  • Strengthen our platform, enhancing user experience and squashing bugs.
  • Develop and maintain comprehensive technical documentation for the internal team to ensure effective knowledge transfer, and create detailed API documentation for external developers to facilitate seamless integration and adoption of our services.



  1. Programming Proficiency:
    • Must have experience with or show a willingness to write code in multiple programming languages, primarily Node.js and Python.
  2. Framework Familiarity:
    • Should be familiar with popular backend stacks such as:
      • NodeJS with Express framework.
      • Python with Django and Django REST framework.
  3. Database Knowledge:
    • Must understand fundamental database concepts.
    • Should possess knowledge of SQL databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, or similar.
    • Should have a basic understanding of NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra, or others.
  4. API Design Understanding:
    • Should be familiar with RESTful API design principles.
    • Must be able to demonstrate an understanding of how APIs are constructed and how they can be consumed by frontend technologies.
  5. Version Control:
    • Experience with version control systems, such as Git, is required.


Click Here


Full Stack Engineering Intern  — Click Here


  • Craft robust and scalable front-end architecture using React.js, Redux, and modern JavaScript.
  • Develop and maintain the full stack of the LimeChat platform, ensuring integration and smooth operation.
  • Build and consume APIs for interactive web application functionality.
  • Design and manage databases, ensuring data integrity, performance, and security.
  • Work with frameworks like Next.js, Ruby on Rails, or Django to develop complex web applications.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features.
  • Troubleshoot, test, and maintain the core product software and databases to ensure strong optimization and functionality.
  • Follow emerging technologies and apply them into operations and activities.



Must haves

  • Proficiency in JavaScript and front-end development with a strong understanding of React.js principles.
  • Experience with state management tools like Redux with Thunk/Saga.
  • Solid understanding of web application frameworks such as Next.js, Ruby on Rails, or Django.
  • In-depth knowledge of database management, SQL, and NoSQL databases.
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs and experience in building and consuming them.
  • Ability to create server-side logic, database schemas that represent and support business processes.
  • Evidence of working with code versioning tools, such as Git.

Good to haves

  • Strong unit test and debugging skills, with experience in testing frameworks like JEST and Cypress.
  • Understanding of Node.js and TypeScript is highly beneficial.
  • A portfolio showcasing completed full-stack projects.


Click Here


ML Engineering Intern — Click Here



  • Design and build AI-driven features for chatbots in collaboration with product teams.
  • Train and fine-tune Large Language Models (LLMs) to optimize chatbot responses.
  • Utilize foundation models to innovate and expand chatbot capabilities.
  • Thrive in an agile environment, adapting quickly to changes and delivering iterative improvements.
  • Communicate effectively with team members and management to align AI development goals with business objectives.

What we Offer

  • A chance to be part of pioneering AI projects.
  • Mentorship from leading professionals in AI and machine learning.
  • Opportunities for professional development through workshops and seminars.
  • A competitive internship package and flexible work arrangements.



Python – FastAPI – Pytorch – LangChain


  • Proficient in Python programming and familiar with web server frameworks such as FastAPI.
  • Familiarity with PyTorchTensorFlow, and LangChain.
  • Proficient understanding of LLMs and foundation models.
  • A knack for benchmarking and optimization.
  • Familiarity with code versioning tools such as Git.

Good to have

  • Hands-on experience with Transformer-based foundation models.
  • Knowledge of deploying applications using Kubernetes.
  • Experience with cloud services like AzureGCP, or AWS.
  • Understanding of databases like PostgreSQL or MongoDB.
  • Prior experience with chatbot development is advantageous.
  • Experience with test-driven development
  • Inquisitiveness to understand the system as a whole, and not only be stuck to your domain of expertise.
  • Proven experience working in software engineering teams.

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