Siemens Graduate Trainee Engineer Interview Experience Gurgaon -May 2023 Off Campus

Round 1 (Online Assessment):

The test was conducted on Mettl consisting of 91 MCQ questions on various topics from Aptitude to Computer Fundamentals to be solved in 80 minutes. The questions were divided into 4 sections and each section was timed.




Round 2 (Technical Interview):

There were 2 interviewers. First they started with their introduction and then asked me to introduce myself.


  1. What is Git and GitHub
  2. What is Version control
  3. Can we revert our code using git
  4. Explain some git commands and write their syntax
  5. Polymorphism and its types
  6. Bubble sort
  7. Second highest element in an array containing duplicate values
  8. Discussion on my project and asked me to write some code in React
  9. Difference between MongoDB and MySQL
  10. Use cases of MongoDB
  11. What is REST API
  12. Put and Post in API
  13. Difference between list and tuple in python
  14. Slicing and namespace in python
  15. What is Dart programming language and what it is used for
  16. What are constructors


Round 2 (Managerial Interview):

This round consisted of a few coding questions and some managerial questions.


Coding questions:


  1. Count of each character present in the string
  2. Swap two numbers without using the third variable


Managerial questions:


  1. Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years
  2. Why do you want to join Siemens
  3. Tell me your biggest learning in your college life
  4. Which tech stack are you more comfortable to work with


Round 3 (HR Round):

The HR introduced herself and asked me to introduce myself. She then told me about the company in detail. She told me about the CTC breakup.


Verdict: Selected

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