Willey, Chandigarh University and BT Group Hiring Freshers

Title: “Delve into Diverse Domains: Unveiling Opportunities in Content, Academia, and Data Governance”

In the diverse professional realm, opportunities abound across various fields. Today, we unravel three enticing job roles across different domains – content, academia, and data governance, offered by Wiley, Chandigarh University, and BT Group respectively. These positions not only promise a rewarding career but also a chance to hone your skills and expertise.

**1. Wiley: Content Acquisition Specialist**

Wiley, a global leader in research and education, is on the lookout for a Content Acquisition Specialist. This remote position offers an excellent platform for fresh graduates, especially those with a background in PhD or MSc, to delve into the world of content creation and acquisition from the comfort of their homes.

– Degree: PhD/MSc
– Experience: Fresher

Location: Remote, India

Apply Link : Click Here

[Explore Careers at Wiley](https://www.wiley.com/en-us/careers)

**2. Chandigarh University: Academic Digital Content Writer**

Chandigarh University extends an invitation to individuals with a flair for academic writing to join as Academic Digital Content Writers. Situated in Ludhiana, this role is a blend of academic prowess and digital content creation, offering a chance to contribute to the educational journey of numerous students.

– Degree: Any Degree
– Experience: 1 to 6 Years

Location: Ludhiana, India

Apply Link : Click Here

[Explore Careers at Chandigarh University](https://www.cuchd.in/career.php)

**3. BT Group: Data Governance Specialist**

BT Group, a reputed multinational telecommunications company, is scouting for a Data Governance Specialist. Based in Bangalore, this role is pivotal in ensuring the quality and management of data, serving as a cornerstone for the organization’s data-driven strategies.

– Degree: Any Degree
– Experience: 18 months

Location: Bangalore, India

Apply Link : Click Here

[Explore Careers at BT Group](https://www.bt.com/careers)

These opportunities are not merely jobs; they are a gateway to a fulfilling career in diverse domains. Whether it’s navigating the content realm at Wiley, crafting academic narratives at Chandigarh University, or steering data governance at BT Group, each role is a step towards a rewarding professional journey. Seize these opportunities to not only advance your career but also contribute significantly to the respective fields.

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