Wiley Edge interview-experience Software Developer off campus

Application process: Off-Campus Placement


OA Round:


  • There were 3 coding questions and out of which i solved all 3.
  • The first question was pattern printing based and others were based on hashing and DP.
  • Tips:- practice leetcode or gfg is more than enough.
  • I used python for OA




  • After OA there was GD scheduled where the topic was given from any technology or IT sector(e,g, cashless india, etc.).


Final Interview round(TR+HR)


  • After all the OA and GD and lot of patience i was shorlisted for interview on 3rd april.
  • The interview started with introduction and skills that i know.
  • As i mentioned flutter and ML in my intro and projects so the questions were asked from ML.
  • Core subject of CS like sql, os, dbms questions were also asked.(prepare them well)
  • Coding question asked was related to DP on string and another was based on implementation of hashing(medium of leetcode) (asked to code in ide both questions).
  • Questions on linked list were also there, followed by some theory of dsa.
  • Questions on python were also asked.


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