placement material for 2024

Programming Language(JAVA):


Introduction, Variables and Operators:

Introduction, Variables, Data types, Wrapper class,
Input/Output, Operators in Java, Bitwise.



Flow Control, Loops & Function:

If-else, for loop,while loop, jump statements, Patterns, Functions & its



Arrays & String :

1D & Multidimensional Arrays,
String in Java, StringBuilder & StringBuffer.



Java OOPs:

Encapsulation, Inheritance, Interface,
Polymorphism, Abstraction, Constructors.



Advanced Concepts:

Exceptions, File Handling, Big Integer,


Data Structures(Basics):

Day- 5: Introduction : Asymptotic Analysis (Finding time and
space complexities)
Day- 6 : Arrays: Types, Operations on Arrays , Basic Recursion

Day-7: Hashing: Different Types of Hashing Techniques,
Collision resolution Techniques.

Day-8: Searching: Binary Search(Iterative and Recursive)(IMP).

week-2 : Sorting: Insertion Sort, Merge Sort, Quick
Sort, Cycle Sort, Counting Sort, Radix Sort, Bucket Sort,
Custom Sort using STL(Take one week for all sorting algo’s)



Linked Lists: Singly Linked List, Search, Linked List(Adv and difference between Array and LinkedList)

Linked Lists: Insert, Delete, Reverse Operations.
Circular Linked Lists: Insert & Delete Operations
Doubly Linked Lists: Insert & Delete Operations



Stack: Stack Operations, Implementation.

Queue: Queue Operations, Implementation.

Deque Operations, Implementation



Tree: Binary Tree, Tree Traversals, Questions
Binary Search Tree: Search, Insert, Delete,
Floor & Ceil.
Heaps: Binary Heap(Min and Max Heap)




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